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Robert A. Heinlein was born in Butler, Missouri 1907, but lived his childhood in Kansas City where he saw the Halley's Comet fly through the sky in 1910, a sight that is said to have made a deep impression on him. He died on the 8th of may 1988 after a brilliant life as a writer of Science Fiction. Below are most, but not all, of his achievements

Life Line
Delta, 1940
AB Magi
Swedish version of Waldo & Magic Inc

Grafton, 1941
Orphans in the Sky
THE UNIVERSE WITH NO OUTSIDE. Superstitious nonse about Jordan's Plan and The Trip was okay for old men and credulous peasants, but scientists were only interested in facts. The essential tasks were to maintain the rigid class structure, wipe out the cannibalistic Muties that raided their villages and keep feeding the Converter. One upwardly-mobile peasant wasn't satisfied with the riddling rhymes of the Witnesses or the cynical pragmatism of his peers. But when the two-headed Mutie Joe-Jim showed him the truth, there were to be consequences that Hugh Hoyland could not even conceive...
Amereon, 1947
Ordeal in Space

NEL, 1947
Rocketship Galileo
Heinlein at his most prophetic presents Ross, Maurice and Art on man's first piloted flight to the moon. They operate machinery more complex than man ever known before. They handle an emotional experience unique in human history. And They succeed. Written in high-adventure tradition of Jules Verne, this soothsaying tale will prove irrestible to those already nostalgic for the days when science fiction was not yet fact.

NEL, 1948
Beyond This Horizon
Felix Hamilton lives in a world free of poverty, sickness and war - a world with every semblance of perfection. But beneath the surface revolution simmers, as a dangerous club of fanatics prepares to make its move. When Hamilton involves himself in their affairs the authorities are alarmed. For he is the latest in grand design, the breading of a new super-race. Felix is risking not merely his own life but the future of humanity.

DELREY, 1948
Space Cadet
Only the beast and brightest - the strongest and the most courageous - ever managed to become Space Cadets. They were the elite guard of the solar system, accepting missions others feared, taking risks no other dared, and upholding the peace of the solar system for the benefit of all. But before Matt could earn his rightful place in the ranks, his mettle would be tested in the most severe and extraordinary ways - ways that would change him forever but would still not prepare him for the alien treacheries that awaited him on strange worlds far beyond his own.
Opal, 1949
Den röda planeten
Swedish version of Red Planet

BAEN, 1949
Sixth Column
One by one, the Free Nations had fallen, until America stood alone in arms against the World. Then, as researchers toiled desperately to complete work on a weapon that might yet turn the tide of battle, she too fell. Now though scattered resistance flares throughout our continent, the only real hope resides in a mountain redoubt where six men work in secret on a plan to rock the planet...

VGSF, 1950
Farmer in the Sky
The Mayflower, a ship carrying pilgrims once more, but this time not just to a new world, but to a new planet - Ganymede, one of Jupiter's many moons. Ganymede has its compensations - the beauty of its sky not being the least of them - but even the strongest pilgrim's resolve is shaken after the Great Disaster...

NEL, 1951
Between Planets
Don is a citizen of the Interplanetary Federation - yet no single planet can claim him as its own. His mother was born on Venus, his father on Earth, and Don himself was born on a spaceship in trajectory between planets. And he fights for the rigths of this curious citizenship in very curious ways. Heinlein reveals in a dashing, fast-moving style what can happen when politics - on an interplanetary scale - disregard the liberty of the individual. In the end, only the remarkable scientist-dragons of a rebellious Mars can resolve the conflict within a man who cannot live without a society that he knows is killing him.

BAEN, 1951
The Green Hills of Earth

The arching sky is calling
Spacemen back to their trade.
All hands! Stand by! Free falling!
And the light below us fade.
Out ride the sons of Terra,
Far drives the thundering jet,
Up leaps the race of Earthmen,
Out, far, and onward yet -
We've tried each spinning space mote
And reckoned its true worth:
Take us back again to the homes of men
On the cool green hills of Earth.

DELREY, 1951
The Puppet Masters
Earth was being invaded nobody knew it!
Aliens were landing at key points throughout North America and taking over communications, government, and industry. The top secret security agencies those that had figured out what was really going on-tried to stop the invasion but failed; The aliens were controlling the mind of every person they encountered and they were multiplying far faster than they could be destroyed.
It was up to Sam Cavanaugh, secret agent for the most powerful and deadly spy network in the U.S., to find a way to stop the invaders. And the only way to do it was to be invaded himself!

DELREY, 1952
The Rolling Stones
A FAMILY AFFAIR. When the Stone twins made up their minds to leave Lunar City in a secondhand spaceship, they hadn't planned on having their whole family accompany them. But the Stones were not your ordinary Lunar family - no way! - and their voyage through the solar system sure proved it. What began as a simple business expedition to Mars soon mushroomed into a dangerous situation when Grandma Stone was lost in space. Then, just when everything seemed to getting better, a Martian flatcat came aboard and fouled up the works. But the real throuble didn't get underway until the Stones headed for the asteroid belt to take up a mining proposition they, somehow, couldn't refuse...

BAEN, 1953
Assignment in Eternity
Two short novels

GULF - in which the greatest superspy of them all is revealed as the leader of a league of supermen and women who can't quite decide what to do with the rest of us...
LOST LEGACY - in which it is proved that we are all members of that league - or would be, if we but had eyes to see...


Delta, 1953
Revolt år 2100
Swedish version of Revolt in 2100

NEL, 1953
Starman Jones
The story of spaceflight into the jaws of the unknown. Stowed-away aboard an intergalactic spacecraft, Max Jones was unwittingly destined for disaster. Disaster that only became apparent when the starship landed on an unknown planet in an unknown century. When the pilot died and all his charts and tables were destroyed, Max Jones was fighting for survival.

DELREY, 1954
The Star Beast
Lummox had been the Stuart family pet for years. Though far from cuddly and rather large, it had always been obedient and docile.Except, that is, for the time it had eaten the seconhand Buick... But now, all of a sudden and without explanation Lummox had begun chomping down a variety of things - not least, a very mean dog, and a cage of virtually indestructive steel. Incredible! John Thomas and Lummox were soon in very hot water, and they didn't know how to get out. And neither one really understood just how bad things were - or how bad the situation could get - until some space voyagers appeared and turn a far-from-ordinary family problem into an extraordinary confrontation.

DELREY, 1955
Tunnel in the Sky
IT WAS JUST A TEST ...JUST A TEST ...JUST A TEST. But something had gone wrong. Terrible wrong. What was to have been a standard ten-day survival test had suddenly become an indefinite life-or-death nightmare. Now they were stranded somewhere in the universe, beyond contact with Earth... at the other end of a tunnel in the sky. This small group of young men and women, divested of all civilized luxuries and laws, were being forced to forge a future of their own... a strange future in a strange land where sometimes not even the fittest could survive!
Prisma, 1956
Swedish version of Double Star
Delta, 1956
Stjärnorna väntar

Citizen of the Galaxy
'Lot 97', the auctioneer announced. 'A boy'. From that fateful day at the Sargon slave market, when he was bought by the crippled beggar Baslim, Thorby's life changed dramatically. Treated with unaccustomed kindness, the young boy came to love the wise old man who was teaching him lessons which were to prove invaluable... On Baslim's sudden death, Thorby leaves the planet Sargon to join the Free Traders travelling the galaxy, coming in contact with many cultures, human and alien, until finally he discovers the startling truth about his own identity and purpose in life.

NEL, 1958
Have Space Suit - Will Travel
Clifford Russell had always dreamed of going to the moon. He'd even got himself a space suit. Then, out of the blue, his chance came. But the journey was to be very different from anything he had imagined - and a lot further. Clifford was kidnapped. And lauched by his captors on an adventure which would end in a galactic trial of the human race - a trial where the defence depended entirely on Clifford C. Russell!
Delta, 1958
Metusalems arvingar
Swedish version of Methuselah's Children

ACE, 1959
Starship Troopers
JOIN THE ARMY AND SEE THE UNIVERSE! In one of Heinlein's most controversial bestsellers, a recruit of the future goes through the thoughest boot camp in the Universe - and into battle with Terran Mobile Infantry against mankind's most alarming enemy!

ACE, 1959
The Unpleasant Profession of Jonathan Hoag
"In the beginning was The Bird. Wise and cruel was The Bird, and wise and cruel were the Sons of The Bird..." Novellas included: The unplesant profession of Jonathan Hoag, The man who traveled in elephants,"All you zombies", They, Our fair city, and "And he built a crooked house"

Gollancz, 1960
The Door Into Summer
Crossed in business and then in love, genius-inventor Dan Davis suddenly finds the attractions of suspended animation irrestible. So the Long Sleep, and 30 years later, Dan wakes up in the 21th century. He finds the world very much to his liking. But he also finds that his robot inventions (going by the names of Eager Beaver, Drafting Dan and Building Bill) have been mass produced during his absence and, inexplicable, patented in his own name. Desperate to find out how this could have happened, he manage to space jump back into 1970.... Funny and affectionate, fast and slick, The Door Into Summer has a hugely engaging and involved plot which handles brilliantly the subtleties of time paradox.

NEL, 1961
Stranger in a Strange Land
This is perhaps Heinlein's most important and significant novel. Entertaining, perhaps shocking, it attacks all the religious explanations of faith... undermines the idea of sexual relationships based on jealousy... pokes a bitter satirical finger at the materialists and politicians. Like '1984', like 'Brave New World' Strangerin a strange land is searing indictment of Western Civilazation - a staggering, shocking, revealing look at the fundamental urges in our way of life

NEL, 1963
Glory Road
It started with an ad in the Herold Tribune: 'Permanent employment, very high pay, glorious adventure, great danger... apply in person...' Gordon got the job, and suddenly found himself catapulted into a new universe, and a new world of intergalactic chivalry and knight erranty. His task - to recover the Egg of the Phoenix, the key to the empire of the Twenty Universes. Together with the beautiful and mysterious 'Star' and a courageous valet, Rufo, he set out on the road to glory...
Delta, 1963
Swedish version of Podkayne of Mars

BAEN, 1963
Podkayne of Mars
Meet Podkayne Fries, a thoroughly Martian Ms. who thinks that Earth is not really fit for habirotion and that humanity evolved on the now-exploded Fifth Planet. Poddy has one, goal in life: to be she starship captain She has her strategy all scoped out, and with her determination, looks and I.Q. she'll get there, never you doubt! But all work and no play would make Poddy a Dull Girl, so when a chance comes her way to travel to distant Eorth via Venus with her elderly uncle Poddy jumps at it, even if ir does male having her loathsome little brother along for the trip: Travel, Adventure, the chance to cuddle up (in a nice way) with real spaceship officers and ruthlessly pump their brains \endash she'll have it all! What Poddy doesn't know is that "Unca Tom" is more than , her warmly supportive relative: he is also the Ambassador Plenipotentiary from Mars to the Three-Planets Conference (trovelling not quite incognito enough) and that certain parties will stop at nothing to gain control of his vote \endash including kidnapping and doing terrible things to sweetly innocent Poddy Fries....

ORBIT, 1964
Farnham's Freehold
They lived through the missiles, they lived through the bombs, they lived through the fires and the epidemics... and they lived through the total collapse of civilized order. They lived. They went on. Their sign reads: FARNHAM'S FREEHOLD TRADING POST AND RESTAURANT BAR

ACE, 1967
The Past Through Tomorrow
Here in one monumental volume are all 21 of the stories, novellas and novels making up Heinlein's famous Future History - the rich, imaginative architecture of Man's destiny that many consider his greatest and most prophetic work. Life-Line, The Roads Must Roll, Blowups Happen, The Man Who Sold the Moon, Delilah and the Space-Rigger, Space Jockey, Requiem, The Long Watch, Gentlemen Be Seated, The Black Pits of Luna, "It's Great to Be Back", " - We Also Walks Dogs", Searchlight, Ordeal in Space, The Green Hills of Earth, Logic of Empire, The Menace from Earth, "If This Goes On - ", Coventry, Misfit, Methuselah's Children

NEL, 1969
The Moon is a Harsh Mistress
On Luna - an open penal colony of the 21th century - a revolution i being plotted. The conspirators are a strange assortment: an engaging jack-of-all-trades, his luscious blonde girlfriend, and a lonely talking computer. Their aim - the overthrow of the hated Authority. Everything goes well until...

NEL, 1970
The Man Who Sold The Moon
An anthology, with Life-Line, 'Let there be light', Th roads must roll, Blowups happen, The man who sold the moon, and Requiem

NEL, 1972
I Will Fear No Evil
A man's mind transplanted into a woman's body. That is the incredible idea behind one of Heinlein's most inspired novels. Mind versus body. Masculine desires versus feminine appeal. And soul versus soul, for the woman's soul remains locked in her body. Eunice Branca was Johann Smith's personal secretary and confidante before she died. So when they meet again in this new and extraordinary combination their relationship is quick to blossom. Eunice proves a perfect mentor in the art of womanhood. Two people in one body. And when the third soul joins them the situation becomes even more fantastic.

NEL, 1975
Time Enough for Love
Heinlein, award-winning maestro of the SF world, surpasses himself in this, his most powerful novel. And there is time enough indeed for love, for his hero's life-span covers 23 centuries. Lazarus Long is - "the Senior" the oldest man alive in the Galactic year 2053 - the man who is forever young. And Heinlein traces his fantastic life - or lives - through many marvellous identities; from Lazarus Long, who led the first great exodus from Earth, to Aaron Sheffield, interstellar star-ship captain, through to Ted Bronson, the time-traveller catapulted through time back to Earth in 1916.

NEL, 1977
The Past Through Tomorrow Vol. 2
In this anthology are collected the short stories and novellas which form the core of Heinlein's achievement, accompanied by the author's own chart showing the scheme of events and ideas covered. They prove, once and for all, Heinlein's true claim to the title 'Dean of Science Fiction'. " - We Also Walks Dogs", Searchlight, Ordeal in Space, The Green Hills of Earth, Logic of Empire, The Menace from Earth, "If This Goes On - ", Coventry, Misfit

Pomegrante, 1978
The Notebooks of Lazarus Long
Lazarus Long is the unique and fascinating protagonist who appears in Heinlein's masterful science fiction series of "future history" novels (Methuselah's Children, The Past through tomorrow, Orphans in the sky, Time Enough for Love). Long is the oldest living member of the human race by virtue of a unique set of chromosomes, clonal and other rejuvenation techniiques, and finely tuned sense of rational self-interest. He has pioneered eight planets, survived at least one lynch mob and many wives, fought in fifteen interstellar wars, made and lost numerous fortunes and fathered a progeny that numbers in the billions. And he just happens to be immortal. From the smallest details of daily life to overarching abstractions on the nature of the human condition, Long's comments are acute, lively and intelligent. His adventures and experiences, his inexhaustible zest for life, and his ironic appreciation of the successes and failures of civilization make the observations contained in this book highly entertaining reading.

ACE, 1980
Expanded Universe
Another huge volume filled with stories. The novel that Mrs Virginia Heinlein says received the most fan mail. The Stories are: Life-Line, Successful Ooperation, Blowups Happen, Solution Unsatisfactory, The Last Days of the United States, How to Be a Survivor, Pie from the Sky, They Do It With Mirrors, Free Men, No Bands Playing No Flags Flying, A Bathroom of Her Own, On the Slopes of Vesuvius, Nothing Ever Happens on the Moon, Pandora's Box, Where To?, Cliff and the Calories, Ray Guns and Rocket Ships, The Third Millennium Opens, Who Are the Heirs of Patrick Henry?, "Pravda" means "Truth", Inside Intourist, Searchlights, The Pragmatics of Patriotism, Paul Dirac Antimatter and You, Larger Than Life, Spinoff, and The Happy Days Ahead

NEL, 1980
The Number of the Beast
A brilliant, but eccentric scientist has invented a space/time machine and using the three space and three time co-ordinates, he has discovere a possible alternative universes.... being the magical number associated with the biblical Beast of Revelations. Into this theme, Heinlein weaves his own galaxy of incredible ingredients - a Martian penal conoly where the British Empire wars with Imperial Russia, a universe with no letter 'J'. Multiperson Panthestic Solipsism, and the possibility that the mythical Beast may not be mythical at all...

DELREY, 1982
FRIDAY "... is a superbeing. Engineered from the finest genes, and trained to be a secret courier in a future world of chaotic ferocity and intrigue, she can think better, fight better and make love better than any of the normal people around her."
FRIDAY "... is all woman. She is strong and decisive as any Heinlein hero; in addition she is loving (oh, yes) and tender and very, very female. This, like so many of Heinlein's works, is as joyous to read as it is provocative"
Prisma, 1984
Job: En elak komedi
Prisma, 1985
Katten som går genom väggar
Swedish version of The Cat Who Walks Through Walls

DELREY, 1986
Waldo & Magic, Inc.
WALDO. North Power-Air was in trouble. Their aircraft had begun to crash at an alarming rate, and no one could figure out what was going wrong. Desperate for an answer, they turned to Waldo, the cripped genius who lived in a zero-g home in orbit around Earth. But Waldo had little reason to want to help the rest of the humanity - until he learned that the solution to their problems also held the key to his own...
MAGIC, INC. Under the guise of an agency for magicians, Magic, Inc. was systematically squeezing out the small independant magicians. Then one businessman stood firm. With the help of an Oxford-educated African shaman and a little old lady adept at black magic., he went straight to the demons of Hell to resolve te problem - once and for all!

SPHERE, 1987
To Sail Beyond The Sunset
'I woke up in bed with a man and a cat. The man was a stranger... His shoulder was cold. He was quite dead. This is not a good way to start the day.' So begins the story of Maureen Johnson - adventuress, time traveller, mother (and lover) to the infamous Lazarus Long. Rescued from certain dead in 1982 and rejuvenated by the Time Corps, she investigates the histories of planet Earth across countless alternate timelines, frequentlyaccompanied by the irrespressible and inexplicable Pixel, the Cat Who Walks Through Walls. While awaiting to be rescued from the clutches of the fanatical Comittee for Aesthetic Deletions, Maureen relates the story of her life and loves - a bawdy romp across the twentieth century of an Earth not unlike her own

ACE, 1988
The Cat Who Walks Through Walls
In this book Heinlein creates his most compelling character ever: Dr. Richard Ames, ex-military man, sometime writer, and unfortunate victim of mistaken identity. When a stranger attempting to deliver a cryptic message is shot dead at his dinner table, Ames is thrown headfirst into danger, intrigue, and other dimensions where Lazarus Long still thrives, where Jubal Harshaw lives surrounded by beautiful women, and where a daring plot to rescue the sentient computer called Mike can change the direction of all human history

ORBIT, 1989
Grumbles from the Grave
Long before his death in 1988, Robert A. Heinlein made known his wish to ha a selection of his letters published after he was gone. Here now is the story as only the master could tell it. From insights on writing his classic novels, to publishing censorship, to his world travels, letters to publishers, and his long-time agent, here are the thoughts of Robert A. Heinlein, the Grand Master of SF. They furnish insight into Heinlein the writer and Heinlein the man, as well as disclosing unknown facts about his bestselling books. Here is a history of science fiction in the words of its foremost practitioner.

DELREY, 1990
Red Planet
Willis was a bouncer, a Martian roundheaded who looked for all the world like a hairy medicine ball and who could - and often did - function as a complex recorder of what went on around him. To Jim Marlowe, he was simply a friend; and wherever Jim and his pal Frank went, Willis went too. But they didn't go too far, since their forays where limited by strict rules. Then on one day, Willis unwillingly tuned into a treacherous pilot that threatened all of the colonists on Mars... and that set Jim off on a terryfying adventure that coulld save - or destroy - them all!

DELREY, 1992
JOB: A Comedy of Justice
After a firewalking gig in Polynesia, the whole world was suddenly changed around him. Instead of fundamentalist minister Alexander Hergensheimer, he was now supposed to be Alec Graham, an underworld figure in the middle of an affair with his stewardess Margrethe - who was the only good thing in the whole mess. Then there was an impossible iceberg that wrecked the ship in the tropics. Rescued by a Royal Mexican plane, they were hit by a double earthquake. From then on, as changed world followed changed world, things went from bad to worse. To Alec, all the signs increasingly pointed to Armageddon and the Day of Judgement. And Margrethe was a determined heathen. Somehow he had to bring her to a state of grace, for Heaven would be noparadise without her. But time was growing short. Somewhere, there had to be a solution to it all. And, of course, there was. But it was truly a Hell of a solution.

BAEN, 1992
Take Back Your Government
This is intended to be a practical manual of instrucrion for the American layman who has taken no regular part in politics, has no personal political ambitions, and no desire to make money out of politics, but who, nevertheless, would like to do something to make his or her chosen form of government work better. If you have a gnawing, uneasy feeling that you should be doing something to preserve our freedoms and to protect and improve our way of life but have been held back by lack of time, lack of money, or the helpless feeling that you individually could not do enough to make the effort worthwhile, then this book was written for you
The individual, unpaid and inexperienced volunteer citizen can take this country away from the career politicians and run it to suit himself - if he knows how to go about it.
This book tells you how.

TOR, 1992
New Collected works by Heinlein. Also includes tribute's by authors such as Poul Anderson, Greg Bear, Arthur C. Clarke Gordon R Dickson, Larry Niven and Jack Williamsom. A great foreword by Virginia Heinlein.Some of the works included: Requiem, A Tenderfoot in Space, Destination Moon, Shooting Destination Moon, The Witch's Daughter's, The Bulletin Board, and Poor Daddy + a lot more

BAEN, 1992
Revolt in 2100
Yo can read about its beginnings in Heinlein's immortal Stranger in a Strange Land: At the height of America's secular decadence came Nehemiah Scudder, bearing the rod and the wrath of the Lord for those who opposed him, and the promise of earthly happiness and heavenly bliss for those who followed him... and America fell under an absolute religious dictatorship that was to last hundred years. But nothing endures forever. The smoldering embers of liberty have burst into flame again. It is time for a new beginning.

DELREY, 1993
Double Star
One minute, down and out actor Lorenzo Smythe was - as usual - in a bar, drinking away his troubles as he watched his career go down the tubes. Then a space pilot bought him a drink, and the next thing Smythe knew, he was shanghaied to Mars. Suddenly he found himself agreeing to the most difficult role of his career: impersonating an important politician who had been kidnapped. Peace with the Martians was at stake - failure to pull off the act could result in interplanetary war. And Smythe's own life was on the line - for if he wasn't assassinated, there was always the possibility that he might be trapped in his new role forever!

ACE, 1996
Tramp Royale
The Master Storyteller's Travels Around the World - A Real-Life Stranger in a Strange Land
Amereon, 1996

BAEN, 1999
The Menace from Earth

She was beautiful
She was smart
She was irresistible
She was after my boyfriend

TOR, 1999
The Fantasies of Robert A. Heinlein
The great fantasy fiction of Robert A. Heinlein includes some of the most famous, popular, and influental stories of the century

Magic, Inc

"-And He Built A Crooked House-"



The Unpleasant Profession of Jonathan Hoag

Our Fair City

The Man Who Traveled in Elephants

"-All You Zombies-"

Pocket Books, 2004
For Us, The Living - A Comedy of Customs
July 12, 1939, Naval Airman Perry Nelson is driving along the sundrenched palisades when suddenly his car careens of the road - and he awakes in a strange, snowy mountain landscape. A fur-clad woman rescues him from the bitter cold... and soon reveals that the year is now 2086. After his shock subsides, Perry attempts to discover how the world has changed over the past 150 years, learning how humanity has advanced in technology and intellect. But this education brings with it inescapable truths, and the customs of this future world continually test his mental and emotional resolve. Yet it is precisely his knowledge of a bygone era that will serve Perry best, as he unexpectedly leads his peers toward a new horizon that they had never imagined....

BAEN, 2004
The Notebooks of Lazarus Long
THE WIT AND WISDOM Of THE OLDEST AND WISEST LIVING MAN, LAZARUS LONG Too young to serve in the First World War (though he did manage to fight in it thousands of years later), leader of the first successful expedition to another star system, the immortal Lazarus Long is the most popular and enduring character created by Robert A. Heinlein, author of numerous New York Times best sellers. Lazarus starred in many of Heinlein's most popular novels, including Methuselah's Children, Time Enough for Love, and To Sail Beyond the Sunset, among others. The oldest living member of the human race due to his unique genes, with an assist from advanced rejuvenation technology, he has been a pioneer opening up eight planets, has survived wars, lynch mobs and other hazardous episodes, and has explored all of interstellar space known to humanity. His adventures have given him a breadth of experience distilled through the irony of an immortal viewpoint. But Lazarus Long's reflections on the human condition are anything but pompous. As the noted editor and critic David G. Hartwell has observed, "Lazarus' comments are acute, lively and intelligent." And here they are; compiled in one wise and witty volume for the delight of the millions of Heinlein fans around the world.

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